Transpersonal Counseling for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Your healing and transformation is the greatest gift you can give
yourself, your loved ones, and the world.
It is my deep honor to support you on this journey.

Spiritual Therapy & Transformational Healing

Are you ready to evolve into a more expansive version of yourself? Do you want to unlearn what the world taught you about yourself and step into your power? Are you ready to take your power back from your inner critic and perfectionist tendencies? Do you want to feel safe to open up to deep intimacy in your relationships?

My approach to therapy is very different from typical talk therapy. My attention on your integration, wholeness, and higher self is both empowering and deeply transformative. Differentiated from attachment wounds and from the conditioned self, you’ll be able to drop deeper into your essential self and embody the truest version of yourself. Lasting change is cultivated by bringing this new and expanded experience of yourself into the relational field. This is also something I will support you in by utilizing high level communication techniques that support sovereignty and intimacy. 

Aside from my ability to hear the deeper essence of what your words convey,  I am highly attuned to your subtle energy and your somatic expression. Beyond personality and shaping, you will you be able to see yourself more clearly through the course of a session and you will be empowered to excavate that which does not serve you. To support this deep work, I also offer practical tools for you to bring out into the world, including relational coaching, emotional attunement, and awareness practices.

My areas of expertise are in the following realms: Transpersonal Gestalt Psychotherapy to metabolize past experiences and cultivate an updated and current experience of Self. Emotional Regulation, Chronic Anxiety, Depression, Conflictual Relationship, Parent Coaching, Low Self-Esteem, Anger, Business and Work Struggles, Post-Traumatic Stress, and Loneliness are some of the reasons people reach out to work with me.

Counseling for Couples & Families

Are you ready to feel like you and your partner are on the same team? Are you ready to experience deep intimacy, where you feel heard and seen for the truth of who you are? Are you ready to stay open to your partner, hearing and seeing them in this deeply connecting way? Are you ready for a relationship based on sovereignty, respect, and unconditional love?

I believe that when we meet conflict clarity and awareness, disagreements can become a pathway to strengthen our connection. I also believe that we need to embody our mature, wise self to be able to create a relationship that’s a reflection of our wisdom.

When I work with couples, I teach three simple communication tools that are immediately effective in creating a clean connection. I also support both individuals in seeing themselves more clearly, and learn how to listen from their heart.

I have studied the work of several leading experts in relationships to support my approach to working with couples:

The Gottman Institute

IMAGO Therapy

Family Systems Theory

Authentic Relating

Gestalt Psychotherapy

Dr. Daniel Siegal


It takes great courage to be vulnerable in a group setting, and I believe that there is a great payoff to that act when the space is held in a loving way. Bringing my clients together in connection and support empowers them even more to be in their authentic expression in the world. I believe that we are only able to meet others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves, and the practice of being with others while they go into their process can ignite aspects of ourselves that also need to be seen.

I have two ongoing groups: One for mothers and one for couples. These groups are for current clients.

“If you are tired of slogging through your “issues” and finding out where you are broken, and you want to be seen as whole and capable then Harmony is for you! She has a big heart and a sharp mind that will support you on your journey of healing and integration. This is a woman who brings passion to her work. You’ll be in good hands.”


Ben Saltzman, Profound Enneagram Bad Ass

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