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Individual & Couple's Therapy

Healing attachment wounds, aligning with the core of your being, and moving in the world from your authentic self is an ongoing journey. With my attuned eye, I will witness the ways you deviate from your healthy, aware state, and I will gently guide you back to contact with your true self. From here, you will be able to relate to the world from this deep and profound essence that is always there within you.


For therapists and coaches serving a diverse population of clients, Spiritual Alignment Therapy is equally transformative as it is practical. From trauma informed care to executive coaching, the spiritual design of our human nature is undeniable. Create greater impact and deeper healing for your clients by honoring their wholeness and spiritual alignment in every moment of a therapeutic session.

Groups & Events

Harmony’s in-person and online events provides a nourishing and transformative container where you will be “seen” beyond your conditioned ways of being. She will give you tools to meet the world from the True Self and opportunities to practice finding your authentic voice. You will learn essential tools for regulation, communication, and activating your alignment with Source.

“Harmony has an unparalleled ability to untangle psychological and emotional knots, no matter how snarled, with love, wisdom, and skill. She is dedicated to her clients and students, and she joyously finds paths of healing and transformation where others fail to notice them.”
Ashley Connolly, Licensed Professional Counselor
Firefly Psychotherapy, LLC

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