About Harmony

As a human being, I am dedicated to deepening my own awakening on a daily basis.
As a healer, I am deeply honored to serve you in your transformation and awakening.

Like you, I have suffered in my life, experiencing deep pain and heartache. I was conditioned to hide my truth and believe that being accommodating was the only way to keep connection and find safety. But through it all, I also knew that there was more to me than the painful experience of being identified with my body, my mind, and my roles. I knew that there was more wisdom and power within me than I was given permission to access.

Using my pain as the doorway to my transformation, I have been able to heal, grow, and awaken in ways that I had always hoped were possible. I’ve aligned with my essence and reconnected with my wholeness, becoming the mature expression of who I always knew I was. Now a visiting instructor at Naropa University, author, and healer, I help individuals, couples, future therapists, and teams communicate cleanly, enabling them to see the root of their challenge and find their authentic truth.

In all areas of my life, I am committed to embodying the message that I teach. Empowered to speak my truth and guide others in their awakening, my life and my work is dedicated to up-leveling the consciousness of the planet. Most recently, I published my self-help memoir, Reveal, where I vulnerably share my story of trauma, conditioning, and transformation.

“Harmony is one of the most powerful, caring, wise women I know. I’m deeply inspired by her embodied strength, generous nature, and clear ability to see what’s most needed for people to awaken out of their suffering.”
Julia Mikk, Healer, Teacher, Founder of Breath of Love

Professional Experience

At the age of 6, I began practicing Transcendental Meditation. From my devotion to the practice, I began to receive profound transmissions, messages of hope, and visions of planetary restoration. As I cultivated my capacity to access my intuition, I also began to see subtle energy. I would see a vaporous much around a person’s heart center, and place a crystal there to try to support them in clearing it. It was clear to me at this young age that I was here to be a healer, a teacher, and an author in service of humanity and healing.

As a licensed professional counselor (LPC), coach, and visiting instructor of transpersonal psychology at Naropa University, I draw on my education as a Gestalt psychotherapist, my lifelong practice of transcendental meditation, and my extended training in modalities of consciousness including Kriya Yoga Breathwork, Authentic Relating, Luminous Awareness, and Trauma Resilience Model to teach my students how to hold a deeply transformative therapeutic container. All of this, along with my gift for tracking the subtle energy movements of my clients, contributes to my therapeutic approach.  

I earned my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University, Seattle, in 2007. Specializing in Gestalt Psychotherapy, I believe that we all have unfinished business that lives within us and the paradox of changing anything about us rests in accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

All of my interventions are in service of completion and integration. As I listen to you, I attune to how you hold your experience of life in your mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies. Being witnessed in this way serves you in seeing yourself with more clarity. As I track your whole system, I invite you to go deeper into yourself, and together we move the old experiences out and align with your essence. My advanced training in Authentic Relating supports you to bring your wholeness into the relational field. With expert level coaching and tracking, your whole being is invited to embody the truest version of yourself in all areas of your life.   

Most recently, I opened a training institute to support therapists and coaches in bridging the divide between traditional and spiritual transformation.

Harmony and I have cultivated a beautiful relationship over the last few months. With her expert level facilitation and tracking skills, I have been able to reach new spaces of my darkness and shadow then ever before. Her ability to see me fully there while holding me in and my experience in love was and continues to be profound. Because of her ability to hold such a genuine, safe, and welcoming container, I have felt many layers of shame that I didn’t even know existed melt away. She has played a pivotal role in my healing process. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Harmony!”
Shelby Robbins, LMT, Energy Medicine Practitioner

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