What lessons are you being presented with right now? How are the circumstances of your life nudging you to become the best version of yourself? How to you embrace or resist this lesson?

As a psychotherapist, these are questions I ponder often. Since I believe that ALL OF LIFE is the training ground to deepen our awakening, how does even the mundane urge us to awaken to our True Self?

For me, my growing edge is all about staying lighthearted. As a person who is driven and stays on top of the “to-do” list, I can be quite serious about life. Being a task master and task doer has served me so well in life, and yet in staying focused on the things that need to be done I have somehow postponed joy for when my “to-do” list is complete (which is NEVER).

For me, being tasked with lightheartedness means bringing a connection with my essence to alI do. When I wipe the counters, grade papers, arrange my schedule for the week, or put my children to bed, doing so with an open heart that is not burdened by life makes every step more joyous and freeing.

Recently, my ice maker broke and ruined my wood floors. While mitigated for water, the excess voltage from the fans caused the electrical in parts of my house to go out. This, in turn, caused my sprinkler system to stop working and my grass to turn from green golden. This created extra housework, more bills, and the need to live elsewhere while my floors get repaired. Somewhere in the midst of all of this I got a speeding ticket. And yet, because I have been holding the intention of lightheartedness in my morning meditation, I have somehow been able to stay open to life, openhearted with my children, and expansive in my views of finances. There has been more joy in my life in the midst of all of these “hassles” then I have experienced in quite some time.

I still have much to learn about being lighthearted. I still have much to learn about flowing with life. And I still have much to learn about surrendering to what is. However, the process of even holding this intention, of changing even 10% of the way  show up for life, has softened me in the deepest way.

So with this, I ask you, what is your growing edge?

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