In my work with clients, I pay attention to the subtle ways in which people leave their healthy, aware state. And when they deviate from their health, I subtly guide them back to the core of their being. The core of their being is their home base. It’s their alignment with Source. It’s their sovereign sense of autonomy and wholeness. It’s their differentiation from their wounding and their persona, and it’s their cultivating an identity with their true self, that part of them that is untouched by the experiences they’ve had in this life.

As a professor of transpersonal Gestalt psychology, I teach graduate level student therapists to cultivate this same sense of attunement. And now, I am preparing to offer this training opportunity seasoned therapists, counselors, and coaches who are interested in deepening their ability to facilitate deep transformation.

The Institute for Spiritual Alignment is the center from which I will teach my framework: Spiritual Alignment Therapy. I am so excited to share this with you. Here are a few blogs that I have recently published as I continue to to the legwork of setting up the logistics for this transformative continuing education (CEU) offering.

Learn more about:

Becoming the Healer You were Born to Be 

Working with a Spiritual Timeline (rather than a linear one)

Energetic Boundaries 

Coming Back into Alignment with the Core of Your Being

With love,

Harmony Kwiker

Recent Posts

Are you speaking your truth or are you just projecting?

Are you speaking your truth or are you just projecting?

It’s common to see our relationships through the lens of unconscious memories of people from our past (projections), through barriers or walls to intimacy (deflections), through old ideas from the past about who we are (introjections), through shame and guilt (retroflections), or through the opinions of others (confluence). In Gestalt psychotherapy, we call these Contact Boundary Disturbances. All of these disturbances are patterned ways of being in relationships that we developed early in life in an attempt to find safety and keep connection. These were adaptable strategies that helped us when we didn’t yet know how to stand in our dignity and our truth. 


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