In my life when I have been in deep suffering, I have felt isolated and alone. I have felt disempowered and like I will never become the person I know I can be in the world. I have contracted in my ideas about my pain by resisting its presence and wishing it would just go away. But the pain was there for a reason. The suffering was a gift, an answer to my prayers.

This is why I LOVE my work as a psychotherapist.

A simple shift from resistance to curiosity, from anger to appreciation, can be the catalyst for transformation. Meeting our own pain with this deep sense of wonder has the ability to shift us from stuck to empowered, from hopeless to enlivened.

Turning on the light of awareness happens in an instant. In this video blog I share a little bit about why I am so passionate about using suffering as the gateway to transformation.


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The Spiritually Aligned

The Spiritually Aligned

In my work with clients, I pay attention to the subtle ways in which people leave their healthy, aware state. And when they deviate from their health, I subtly guide them back to the core of their being. The core of their being is their home base. It's their alignment...

Are you speaking your truth or are you just projecting?

Are you speaking your truth or are you just projecting?

It’s common to see our relationships through the lens of unconscious memories of people from our past (projections), through barriers or walls to intimacy (deflections), through old ideas from the past about who we are (introjections), through shame and guilt (retroflections), or through the opinions of others (confluence). In Gestalt psychotherapy, we call these Contact Boundary Disturbances. All of these disturbances are patterned ways of being in relationships that we developed early in life in an attempt to find safety and keep connection. These were adaptable strategies that helped us when we didn’t yet know how to stand in our dignity and our truth. 


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