When I was 6 years old I knew that I was a healer. Psychology was the only topic that interested me in college, and when I earned a MA in clinical psychology I thought I was ready to start a private practice. I set up my office and hung my degree on the wall, ready for clients to come but found myself gripped with fear. Who would come to see me? Was I good enough? Can I even charge for doing this? During my daily meditations, I would connect with Source and dedicate my work to serving the greater good. In this practice, I cultivated humility of service by letting my split self know that this work was not about me. I wasn’t a psychotherapist for approval or accolades. I was a healer who facilitated transformation so that there is less suffering in the world. From this place my practice thrived.

Today I find myself at a new level of professional vulnerability: I am writing a self-help memoir. As I prepare to offer this book to the world, this old familiar feeling of fear that causes me to hesitate and feel disempowered comes on line. Do I really want to share my healing journey with others? Will this actually benefit anybody? Will anybody ready it? I didn’t write this book for the accolades or for approval; I wrote it because I had to. I started this book 15 years ago and it wants to come out of me.

I see this often, where a person has a gift that they not only want to share but have to share…there’s this thing inside of them that needs to be birthed through them…and yet they feel afraid to put themselves out there. I believe that the fear is there because the work is so dear to our truest self, and the vulnerability of owning the gift as ours can feel scary. Staying big in our true self and not allowing the fear of the split self to keep us small is the sacred work of following your dreams.

Don’t allow your thoughts to keep you disempowered. Cultivate an identity with your truest self and go after your dreams.

The paradox of vulnerability is such that exposing ourselves and revealing our deepest pain, fear, and shame to others actually allow us to feel bigger and more empowered. When I stop concealing myself to you, this is actually a gift to me. This is one way to take the power back from the split self.

What are your dreams? What’s holding you back? Please leave a comment below for me to support you and lease watch this video for more on this topic.


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