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What Students are Saying

“I have had many great professors here at Naropa but I will say that I have never had an instructor whom I felt I was missing something if I didn’t write down word for word almost everything said.  You are no bullshit… the way you think and relate information is dynamic and you know your stuff and I am fucking glad about it. At the same time modeling a profound ability to be yourself.  I look forward to reaping the rewards on all levels.” Transpersonal Counseling Student, 2020

“Thank you again for teaching what has by far been my favorite and most transformative class at Naropa. Who you are and when you brought to this learning experience is unparalleled. You are truly a special professor and I had so much joy hearing that you’ll be teaching at Naropa in the future.” Transpersonal Counseling Student, 2019

Become the Healer You were Born to Be

Mentorship and Training for Therapists, Counselors, and Coaches

Healing the Spiritual Divide within Traditional Psychotherapy and Coaching

Talking “about” ourselves can be useful. Receiving insight from an “expert” can also be useful. However, psychotherapy and coaching has the potential to go way deeper than talking and insight. Within a deeply transpersonal therapeutic container, we have the opportunity to come back to our original state of wholeness, aligned with Source and embodying our authentic truth. If you are a therapist or a coach who is ready to heal the divide that prevents clients from fully orienting toward their health and wholeness, please reach our to learn more about the powerful impact of Spiritual Alignment Therapy.


My Story

I never liked therapy very much. And I know I’m not alone. Many of my clients, students, and fellow therapists and coaches have confided in me that they share this sentiment. Finding a good therapist, one who sees us beyond our words, beyond our bodies, in a true and deep way is not an easy task. The reason for this is because therapists are so timid about mentioning spirituality in fear of seeming religious, dogmatic, or worse…unethical.

I’ve found over my many years as a psychotherapist and professor of psychology that not honoring a clients spiritual body is more limiting and unethical than fumbling through the esoteric territory of subtle energy, alignment with Source, and honoring the wholeness of the client’s being.

People come to therapy in search of deep healing, wanting more fulfilling relationships, more professional empowerment, and more resolution with the past. If we deny the client’s spiritual nature, we ignore the spiritual dilemma in their inner patterns and mental constructs.

My vision for this institute is to empower therapists and coaches to fully own their essence as healers so that there is more space for our clients to full transform and come back home to their spiritual alignment. The call to psychotherapy and coaching is a call to change the world, one soul at a time. And if we hold our clients in their wholeness while they navigate their deepest pain and honor their movement toward health, we are answering the call that brought us to this profession in the first place.

I look forward to traveling this path with you.


A Spiritually Aligned Vision

Most people walk around self-identified with their pain, their attachment wounds, and their personality. We call this “the conditioned self.” When we identify with our conditioned self, we disown parts of ourselves that we think are unacceptable (shadow) and we relate to the world from outdated ways of thinking and behaving. As we interact with the world from this distortion, we can try to do the right thing and we can try to heal, but nothing ever feels totally aligned or in flow with life.

Spiritual Alignment Therapy asserts that the work of healing is NOT about creating healthier behaviors or happier thoughts. The work of transformation is about making contact with a deeper part of who we are (essential self) and begin to self-identify with this deeper place as who we really are.

When we relate to the world from our essential self, we move from our alignment with the core of our being. This alignment is our home base, where security, safety, and love can heal all of the aspects of self that we’ve learned from our experiences and traumas.

In this intro weekend, therapists and coaches will learn the foundations of spiritual alignment therapy, practice the 5 steps of this framework, and become part of our community of renowned healers and teachers.

More Testimonials

“Harmony’s ability to offer primarily experiential opportunities while also sprinkling in concise, clear bits of lecture material is ideal in my opinion.  She has been one of the best instructors I have had at Naropa – she is able to shift with the needs of the class, to take in feedback, to show up authentically as herself while also holding a strong container, and to model passion for the learning.  She has also made herself available when needed, and has offered both challenging and supportive feedback.” Transpersonal Counseling Student 2019

“Having had Harmony as a teacher has felt profoundly transformative. I hold deep appreciation for everything that she has taught me and demonstrated, and I have learned *a lot*. For me it has felt especially profound to feel ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ and I will truly miss that. It’s a rare gift to experience.” Transpersonal Counseling Student 2019

Aligning with essence, loving from wholeness

Waking up to who you really are

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