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Are you ready to Reclaim Magic and Reveal Your True Self?

What participants are saying:

“I’m still buzzing from last night! I’ve never felt so safe and seen before, and I’m ready to bring this into all areas of my life!”

AC, Mother & Entrepreneur

Thank you for creating a safe space to explore finding my authentic voice.”

LV, Mother & Therapist

Sovereign Sexy Love

Online Course

What is Sovereign Sexy Love? 

•Sovereign Sexy Love is a new paradigm of relationship, where our connection is in service of our individual growth and evolution, where we meet one another from our wise, mature selves, and where we love one another from our wholeness.
•In Sovereign Sexy Love, we don’t need to be fully healed and evolved and perfect. We simply need to be committed to our own path of aligning with our True Self and we support one another in healing without being codependent.
•Sovereign Sexy Love is based in the spiritual concept that there is no other, that how I treat you is quite literally how I treat myself, and that our relationship is a mirror for me to see myself more clearly.

Are you ready to create intimacy and connection in your relationships? Even if your partner isn’t interested in personal growth, even if you’re single, and and even if you’re new to personal development…this course is for you! 

If you’re tired of feeling unheard, unmet, and dissatisfied in your relationship, join us for this deep and beautiful course and learn how to embody Sovereign Sexy Love.  

Whether you’re in a rut or wanting to keep new love clean and blissful, this webinar will help you to: 

Speak your truth

Know your full worth and value

Stand in your sovereignty

Create clean, healthy relationships

Bring your powerful essence into your relationships

Learn the number one way people sabotage their relationships and what to do instead. 

Learn the essential ingredient to cultivating deep intimacy. 

Reclaim Your Magic

FREE Masterclass

Are you done playing small and giving your power away? Are you tired of putting effort forth to creating your dreams and not seeing the results you hope for?  Are you ready to move beyond the old paradigm of relationship and feel met on the deepest levels?

It’s time to reclaim your essential self and bring your magic to the world!

Join me for this FREE masterclass and learn my 3 step process to reclaim your magic!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to align with the truest part of yourself and cultivate a deep relationship with your True Self. With intention and ritual, you’ll learn how to bring this into all of your interactions with the world and start changing your life today!

Reveal Your
True Self

Online Practice Group

When I was first learning to reveal my truth to the people in my life, it was clumsy. I hadn’t yet mastered the artistry of owning my experience and honoring my deeper truth while staying curious about what others might be feeling. Once I embodied the essence of staying solid in my alignment with the True Self, the words that I choose in my relationships really honored my sovereignty while also cultivating clean connection.

Supporting my clients in aligning with the truest version of themselves while finding their authentic voice is my great passion. However, one of the limitations of individual relationship coaching is that there just isn’t enough practice time for my clients to find the words of their authentic voice. Similarly, it’s really exciting to learn the tools of authentic communication at my workshops, but the stakes are too high to practice finding our authentic voice with a spouse, parent, or boss.

In this 60-minute Reveal: Your True Self Practice Group, I’ll hold space for you to develop the artistry of revealing your authentic voice. We’ll begin our time together with a short teaching piece on communication, drop into meditation, and then gently move into the practice of presencing our reveal. Since this in an online forum, you can join us from the comfort of your room in any time zone.

Mondays at 6:30 MST on ZOOM.


Aligning with essence, loving from wholeness

Waking up to who you really are

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