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“I’m still buzzing from last night! I’ve never felt so safe and seen before, and I’m ready to bring this into all areas of my life!”

AC, Mother & Entrepreneur

Reveal Your
True Self

Online Practice Group


Connection is My Medicine. I feel more grounded and resilient when I’m nurtured by connection. But not just any connection. It’s conscious communication and sovereign alignment that energizes and regulates my system. I’ve been practicing and teaching relational meditation for many years. And since publishing my book Reveal, I’ve traveled across the country sharing my Reveal Your True Self practices with you.
I’ve loved every opportunity to drop in with you during these sacred events. However, in the presence of heightened fear and social distancing, conscious connection in community seems more important than ever. In service of our global well-being and resilience, I’m offering a special online group via zoom.
Each session we will begin with a guided meditation that invites you to drop into your essential self, followed by a short teaching that’s relevant what’s happening in the group. Then, we’ll join in relational meditation where we explore conscious communication practices.
This is a recurring group, where you’re welcome to drop-in each week as convenient for you. I ask that you reserve your spot in advanced. We use the same zoom link each week–email me to receive the zoom ID. 
Every Sunday, 1-3 pm mountain time via
The investment is $20 per session for the 2 hr group.
Payments are accepted via Venmo (@harmony-kwiker).

Rising Together

Online Course


Are you Ready to Rise Together? 

♥ Claim your unique voice ♥ Have deeply satisfying and healthy relationships ♥ Bring your unique gifts out into the world ♥

I know how vulnerable it can feel to have a deep calling but feel too afraid to really put yourself out there. When I started my private practice over 10 years ago I was scared out of my mind that no one would want to work with me. Then several years later when I published my first book, I felt so vulnerable putting myself out there again. As a woman, it was even more daunting to start a business because I had to overcome the conditioning I had picked up in childhood that said my worth came from my appearance.

In each new venture I take on – whether it’s teaching graduate school at Naropa, writing my second book, or putting this offering out for you – I once again find myself stretching beyond the fear of not being enough and honoring the truth of my deeper knowing. We all have a unique Soul’s Urge, and it is our duty to honor the call and do the work necessary to bring our gifts to the world. You are the only person capable of fulfilling your Soul’s Urge, and I want to RISE with you.

The courage that it takes for you to step out on your own and hold the vision that you have for your life’s purpose is essential for the healing of the planet. With the old paradigm of masculine and feminine changing, we need more women to stand in their truth and dignity. To step out on an unknown path and rise in your power is the very thing needed to be in integrity with yourself and the universe. Are you ready to take the leap and see what magic unfolds as you do the work to create the life you’ve always longed for?

This 10-week online group coaching is for women who are ready to step into their power in a bigger way.

If you’re just starting to step out on the way or if you’re ready to step out even bigger into your purpose, this course is for you! Experience the supportive community of women who are ready to rise with you and the expert attention of Harmony Kwiker, a powerful healer, author, and professor of psychology at Naropa University.

What will you get by attending?

  • Discover how you’re holding yourself back. 
  • Get clear on your gifts and offering. 
  • See your unique perspective as an essential element to fulfilling your Soul’s Urge. 
  • Get in right relationship with your inner masculine. 
  • Know who you want to serve.
  • Affirm the higher purpose of your goals. 
  • Create a flexible plan to ensure that you stay the course, knowing that closed doors redirect you to the places your meant to enter. 
  • Supportive accountability from a group of like-minded women.
  • 10 consecutive Wednesdays, starting Jan 15th, 2020. 11-12:30 mountain time. (90 min). 

What’s Included

  • 90 min group video call – New content every week
  • Weekly Reflection Worksheets
  • Nurturing and Supportive Online of Community of Women
  • Accountability Partner
  • Daily Coaching in our Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS 90 min Relational Meditation Session Included (Date TBA)

Investment: $550

*Early Bird Price: $500 ends on Jan 6th 2020

Reclaim Your Magic

FREE Masterclass


Are you done playing small and giving your power away? Are you tired of putting effort forth to creating your dreams and not seeing the results you hope for?  Are you ready to move beyond the old paradigm of relationship and feel met on the deepest levels?

It’s time to reclaim your essential self and bring your magic to the world!

Join me for this FREE masterclass and learn my 3 step process to reclaim your magic!

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to align with the truest part of yourself and cultivate a deep relationship with your True Self. With intention and ritual, you’ll learn how to bring this into all of your interactions with the world and start changing your life today!

Aligning with essence, loving from wholeness

Waking up to who you really are

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