When we listen with an open heart, words can land in us like remedies.

Differentiating from Pain

The Lost Self:

When we lose touch with our essential self, life becomes painful. Everything we do from that moment forward either brings us closer to our essence or further from it. In this video, I read an excerpt from the first chapter of Reveal: Embody the True Self Beyond Trauma and Conditioning where I describe the moment I started living from my identification with my false self.

If you have dark, intrusive thoughts, watch this to learn more about why they are here and what to do with them

Learn how to use your consciousness to manage your chronic and acute pain



In this short meditation, you will learn how to access your immediate safety needs in order to calm down the cycle of anxiety in your brain. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Therefore, this experience of safety is vital in creating a new neural network to trust the process of life.

In this brief introduction to mindfulness meditation, you will learn the practical skill of dis-identifying with your ego and connecting with your true self. You have the power to focus your attention wherever you want, and this meditation is an invitation to focus on the deeper part of yourself where love, trust, and solution reside.


Through the topics covered here, I invite you to stay open to the idea that you are so much more then what your mind thinks, and to keep drawing your inner eye deeper and connect with your spiritual nature.

I answer questions like: How can I stay connected to my true self when I can’t stop thinking about my long lost love? How can I stay big in who I am when I can’t find a job or I hate the job I have? How can I live from my true self when I don’t even know who I really am?

Aligning with essence, loving from wholeness

Waking up to who you really are



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