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A few months ago I became active on Twitter (@AskHrmonyK) and I began posting things like this:


And like this:


As I encouraged those who would listen to stay big in their true self, questions started pouring in asking me how to do this. How can I stay connected to my true self when I can’t stop thinking about my long lost love? How can I stay big in who I am when I can’t find a job or I hate the job I have? How can I live from my true self when I don’t even know who I really am?

In response to all of these brilliant and poignant questions, I had the idea to answer them in a podcast. While production has taken longer than expected, I will be offering my answers at Ask Harmony with an expected launch date of early 2016. Until then, I invite you to stay open to the idea that you so much more then what your mind thinks. Keep drawing your inner eye deeper and connect with your spiritual nature.


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